Family Friendly Values & Policies

Moms for America® is laser-focused on educating, engaging and empowering American mothers to promote a love of liberty in their homes, communities and through their vote.

MFA Action is the 501(c)(4), non-profit political advocacy and lobbying arm of Moms for America® dedicated to protecting our families, our freedom, our faith and all human life. It starts with the Constitution—the document which holds all Americans together. Protecting our Constitution means protecting the America ideas of individual liberty, equal rights under the law, and the rule of law.

We believe that Truth is transcendent. Truth must be fought for and protected by teachers in the classroom, by physicians serving in hospitals, and by members of the media. Our health depends upon trustworthy doctors, our children rely upon honest teachers, and all Americans rely upon the media for accuracy. Hospitals, classrooms and newsrooms are no place for political agendas and propaganda by those who would willingly deceive those in their care.

We believe that healthy American families are the cornerstone of freedom, and thus we support parental rights, the preservation and promotion of marriage, low tax rates and a limited government that helps families thrive.

We believe in Freedom; starting with Education Freedom and School Choice. We support the free exercise of Religious practices, free enterprise and free markets, free speech, freedom of assembly, and all of the other freedoms expressed in the Bill of Rights.

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