Big Tech Exit

One Day. One United Voice. One Big Message!

On July 4th Moms for America® is uniting with Freedom-loving Americans across the nation to Declare Our Independence from tyranny, oppression, and Big Tech Bullies!

If you’re fed up with cancel culture and government shutdowns, then let’s send a powerful message by canceling our Big Tech accounts all in one day! Cancel Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google. What do these platforms give you that is worth the control they have over you and the information they take and sell from you? Its time to crush Goliath.

Kimberly Fletcher, president & founder of Moms for America declared, “Big Tech launched war on moms and moms are fighting back! We’re hitting these big tech overlords where it hurts—in their wallets. July 4th the silent majority will be heard loud and clear. We will not be silenced, and we will no longer be silent!”


Nationwide Celebration

Big Tech Exit is a nationwide celebration with a massive live event—location soon to be announced–and live and virtual events in all 50 states. July 4th is our Big Tech, Big Government Independence Day! Let Freedom Ring!

A New Revolutionary Alternative

We all want, and many of us need, these social media platforms for businesses, organizations and family connections. Now we have a place to go with a massive platform will completely transform social media as we know it. replaces the Big Tech bullies, providing the same features you’re accustomed to, with a lot more you’ll love. And most of all, you will NOT be censored and your information will be secure! This is what free speech is supposed to be!



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